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Read more on what the app update provides, and for the direct download click here Iio W #MOBOTIX EDU Our webinars in May: #MOBOTIX MOVE: New Camera Models And Accessories Tuesday, , – a.m.

CEST ❯ Or V52Ib WO MOBOTIX MOVE MOBOTIX NAS Mx MC 2.0 Tuesday, , – a.m. Quius NU Z8 Here we go: We are in the race for the PROTECTOR Award 2019.

Experience the market launch of our latest system platform and many other highlights.

Read more Bb4s OTbn Opec #MOBOTIX Cactus Patch Part 3/3: To the free Cactus Patch Software Downloads: MX-V4.7.2.21 for all x14 / x24 & x15 / 25 models: T1 MX-V5.2.3.30 for all x16 / x26 models: Ns01m5 Pp Uy8mbd R #MOBOTIX Cactus Patch Part 2/3: To the free Cactus Patch Software Downloads: MX-V2.2.3.24-r1 for models M10 / D10 / V10: N MX-V3.5.2.23-r4 for all x12 / x22 models: L MX-V3.5.5.12 speziell for M12: RX14e Y8DO PEY4i Ab #MOBOTIX Cactus Patch Part 1/3: Today, MOBOTIX launches free security updates for camera firmware: the Cactus Patch.

With this patch, we offer all users of MOBOTIX cameras outstanding protection against even the most complex and modern cyber attacks: #Cyber Security Zv JDRQ7OG A look behind the scenes: This is the unique location for the #MOBOTIX Global Partner Conference from 28 - 30 October 2019.

Download for free here Z4 Are you already a MOBOTIX Channel Partner & have you developed your own intelligent application solutions based on the Mx technology? Learn more about the numerous advantages & how to become a Solution Partner here Ja4VFq4 Cfc0y With six additional MOBOTIX MOVE cameras, you are now even better equipped for projects that require high-quality standard cameras with mechanical moving components.

Read more on #MOBOTIX MOVE here Vt V9tf2Mr & find the technical features here H7k MW Wn64VMKgh Become a member of the #MOBOTIX Partner Society, our new platform for synergies with added value.

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