Setting high standards dating

Writing a book is a big learning process and I always come away with many new epiphanies.I pulled a selection of my favorite, and what I consider to be the most important, insights from each chapter, the tidbits that would have saved me a lot of heartache and pain had I learned them sooner!Men need to feel like the man, they need to be respected for what they provide (this does not only mean material items).Find any man who is unhappy in his relationship and ask him why, and his answer will fall under the umbrella of this concept every time.I dated my husband in high school and we ran into each other countless times over the span of a decade.Our last chance meeting was two months before we actually started dating again.The biggest relationship mistake that I see being committed, and I was once a major offender, is being too needy and expecting way too much out of a man and a relationship.

You’ll notice in most breakups and divorces that the guy says the reason it ended is he no longer felt appreciated, he felt like he couldn’t make her happy, like she was always harping on him about something.

For whatever reason when he saw me that day in Central Park, he wasn’t overcome with a desire to ask me out. By our second date he knew I was “the one.” So what changed?

Nothing changed about me physically, but a lot internally.

(I detail all of it in the book.) Oh what I would do to get back some of the time I’ve wasted over the years on total losers.

If he won’t be your boyfriend, if he won’t commit, if he treats you badly, if he doesn’t appreciate you, if he only appreciates you for sex and can’t be bothered when you’re fully clothed, forget him.

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