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If we still have any pie in the sky day dreamers who would like to play the come line with our HOA dues by believing that a restaurant in the Anthem Center would be in our best interests, I suggest they should have read the article in With course revenues surely down due to lower prices and more competition, the income generated by Buckman’s restaurant, the bar, pro shop and fine catering business, could be a factor keeping them here.In my opinion "Bing" O'Peak, the Sun City Anthem Chief Financial Officer, is an over-paid “yes man” without any credentials or previous experience in Homeowners Association operations--including finance.We invite you to learn more about His mission, His teachings, and His role as Savior of the world.By creating an Indeed Resume, you agree to Indeed's Terms of Service, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy, and agree to be contacted by employers via Indeed.He is perhaps one of the most unqualified members of our community to ever hold office; has never come up with an original idea of his own; shuns additional responsibility whenever possible having never expressed an interest to serve as a Board officer, and was obviously recruited by "the machine" for a vote, It relies on a publication that will do anything to harm others with whom it disagrees, one that has habitually justified impending failures and frivolous spending as a "right" to serve selfish personal wants and desires.The Board voted to TABLE any office construction other than a remodeling of the revolving door in Anthem Center...a decision we agreed made sense due to the dangers and litigation that has resulted in the past.

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When a senior chooses an independent living community, he or she has the physical and mental capacity to live independently, but wants companionship from others his/her age.You consent to receiving marketing messages from Indeed and may opt from receiving such messages by following the unsubscribe link in our messages, or as detailed in our terms.Independent living communities are also known as retirement communities, retirement homes or senior housing.And independent senior living provides not only socialization, it also provides fun activities and stimulation.Independent living communities offer specific services and amenities that cater to senior citizens and promote active, healthy lifestyles for the golden years.

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