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This article reports results from two experiments (with participants from the U.

Social network sites (SNSs) provide users with ample opportunity to share information about themselves and to engage in social browsing to learn about others.

The impact of breadth and depth of information disclosure on attributional confidence about and interpersonal attraction to a social network site profile owner.

S.) that investigate the impacts of breadth and depth of information disclosed in a profile on viewers’ attributional confidence about and interpersonal attraction to the profile owner.

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Analyses indicated that, higher breadth of information shared in the profile increased interpersonal attraction and that attributional confidence mediated this relationship.

Whereas self-disclosure studies have increasingly focused on predictors of disclosure (e.g., Bazarova & Choi, 2014; Choi & Bazarova, 2015; Jin, 2013) and viewers’ reactions to disclosure (e.g., Baruh & Cemalcılar, 2015; Bazarova, 2012; Ledbetter et al., 2011), there is still a need to provide clearly articulated predictions about the impact of self-disclosure on first impressions about the owner of an SNS profile.

Particularly, there is a dearth of research investigating the relative impacts of breadth and depth as two distinct dimensions of self-disclosure.

According to research on face-to-face relationships, in zero-acquaintance situations, higher levels of self-disclosure are associated with attraction.

Specifically, according to a meta-analytical review by Collins & Miller (1994), not only do we disclose more information to those we like but we also like people who disclose to us penetration theory (SPT) (Altman & Taylor, 1973; Taylor, 1979) view self-disclosure as social exchanges that can facilitate interpersonal connectedness.

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