Seatgate st3750330as updating firmware

Forums across the Internet have been filled with warnings not to buy drives that feature the SD15 revision of firmware; however, Seagate's own documentation shows that SD16, SD17, SD18, and SD19 are also affected within certain model numbers.This is not the first time Seagate has had a firmware issue with the 7200.11 series of drives.Users of Seagate's Barracuda 7200.11 500GB product, however, have found that the update "bricks" their drives--terminology used in the tech industry to mean the unit is dead.Seagate has since removed the firmware update, claiming it is "in validation." U. customers have been offered free data recovery should the firmware bug have resulted in data loss. The SD04 and SD14 firmware revisions were found to be under-performing because they weren't accessing the full cache of the drives, and were replaced with version AD14 to fix this.The new SD1A firmware was meant to be preventative only, but some users have found success updating and reviving already dead drives, according to Seagate's forums.

Users have found, however, that the fix breaks 500GB drives--the fix has since been retracted.

Some users tried retro-fitting firmware level AD14 to a 1TB Barracuda bricked by the SD1A update and found that worked - others found it did not.

Poster Apraxisz said on the Seagate forum: "Seagate's incompetence is stunning." Poster DMD71 summed up the situation for many: "I can honestly say I will never purchase another a Seagate product.

Coming as it does after the abrupt departure of Seagate CEO Bill Watkins, it is easy for customers to see Seagate as a rudderless ship, and a firm in disarray.

The results for the final quarter on 2008 are going to be announced after the close of business later today, and they are expected to be unwelcome.

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