Scams online dating america

There is also a re-shipping scam, when they will ask you to re-ship goods for them.

These goods are purchased with stolen credit cards.

The photos may be of a model or friend and the description may be bogus, too.

The photos may simply be downloaded from someone's home website.

The airline tickets can easily be exchange for cash, so don't think that sending tickets buys you any protection.

If you cash them or deposit them into your account, Money Orders or checks will come back after few weeks as fraudulent and you will be responsible for paying back the money to the bank and sometimes even charged for passing counterfeit instrument.

They will send you the Money Orders or checks and ask you to deposit them into your bank account and then wire the money to them via Western Union.

Usually they say to keep some money for your trouble.

Nigerian scam comes in many forms: 419 scam, when they offer to transfer millions of dollars into your bank account, or lottery scam, when they tell you that you've won something in some bogus lottery.

However, Nigerian dating scam (or romance scam), besides just asking for money for their studies, sick relatives, etc..

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