Saturday night live dating an actress skit

Pat typically wears a blue Western-style shirt, with tan slacks.In creating the character, actress Sweeney colored her lips beige, and colored in her eyebrows, to create the character's gender-ambiguous appearance.A typical example might be, "Sorry if I'm a little grumpy, I have really bad cramps...

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Gym employee Andrea (Hamilton) cannot figure out their gender, so, filling in the application form, she asks for "age? Just as the audience is about to see whether they enter either the men's or the women's, Kevin Nealon as a TV news anchor on Weekend Update interrupts with a Special Report alert." Aired on October 12, 1991 (Season 17, Episode 3).Co-workers Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Phil Hartman, and Kevin Nealon give Pat a surprise birthday party.When we "return" to the Pat sketch, Andrea and Ron are laughing, with Andrea saying, "I guess our question is finally answered!", but only the studio audience might have seen which door Pat entered; the television viewer is still in the dark.

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