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The vocalist’s height is 5.74 feet (175 cm.), and his weight is about 176 lbs. The man has several tattoos, including a red and black heart; he added wings to the picture as the symbol of freedom and aspiration. More about the Axl Rose and Michelle Young dating / relationship.

Still, Dave Grohl gave him a wheelchair, and other tour shows were held successfully.

The soloist of the legendary rock groups Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC is known for his wild behavior on the stage. He was the eldest child in his dysfunctional family; the parents divorced when the boy was little. The step-father treated Bruce’s sister Amy and brother Stuart well.

However, Axl Rose is a shy person in real life, and his story has been full of bright and sad events. Somehow, he did not like the would-be musician: the boy had to take beatings from him. Five-year-old Rose and his siblings performed at a church choir as The Bailey Trio. The young man practiced music diligently and created a group as a middle-school student.

More about the Axl Rose and Barbie von Grief dating / Born: Feb 06, Watch: axl has no longer dating.

Learn more about four years rose and ill-planned marriage and political news reports. Learn more about four years of dating elizabeth grant, the son of exes and axl rose.

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