Sanguine and phlegmatic dating

Perhaps the most besetting difficulties for this temperament mixture are the natural inclination to peace and quiet (tempting one to laziness), a preference to live within the moment (superficiality), and a tendency to make decisions based first on the desire to please someone else or to restore harmony.

In a relationship, the phlegmatic-sanguine is true-blue.

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Others may not realize that you have a sanguine side -- at first.

The Phlegmatic partner will want genuine closeness and a connection that sometimes, will not be completely understood by their Sanguine partner.

As a result, the Phlegmatic will feel lonely and abandoned, and the Sanguine will feel smothered by the constant throw of emotions.

You are congenial and cooperative and get along well with most everyone.

Because of your emphasis on harmony in relationships, you are peace-loving, conservative, well-balanced, easy-going, with a dry wit and a talent for bringing people together.

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