Rules for dating a pilot

Following licensing, pilots are required to engage in continuing educational programs.Normally, the pilot joins an incoming ship prior to the ship's entry into the shallow water at the designated "pilot boarding area" via helicopter or pilot boat and climbs a pilot ladder sometimes up to 40 feet (~12 metres) to the deck of the largest container and tanker ships.Pilots specifically use pilotage techniques relying on nearby visual reference points and local knowledge of tides, swells, currents, depths and shoals that might not be readily identifiable on nautical charts without first hand experience in the waters in question.Legally, the master has full responsibility for safe navigation of their vessel, even if a pilot is on board.Those that are patient and also happen to enjoy their lower-paying flying jobs will stick around long enough to move up and make more money — but patience is key. There are many pilots out there that make a very good salary, but you can bet that they've put in their time.So if you're getting into aviation for the money, you may want to consider a different career path.

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With outgoing vessels, a pilot boat returns the pilot to land after the ship has successfully negotiated coastal waters.The work functions of the pilot go back to Ancient Greece and Roman times, when locally experienced harbour captains, mainly local fishermen, were employed by incoming ships' captains to bring their trading vessels into port safely.Pilots had to have quick transport to get from the port to the incoming ships.In the inland brown water trade another type of pilots are known as trip pilots.Due to the shortage of qualified posted masters these independent contractors fill the holes in the manning schedule on inland push boats on various inland river routes.

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