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If those reports are true — and they are not outlandish in the context of this administration — they speak to a deep dysfunction. He is the client in chief, and needs to get his legal house in order.John Brennan once had some of the most sensitive powers in the United States government, although you wouldn’t know it from his Twitter feed and cable appearances.Trump brought this on himself with his thin-skinned tweetstorms, including this beauty: “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” The converse of this grotesque line is not true: The press does not speak for the American people.Some of this is what political scientists call “affective polarization,” partisan embrace of ever-more-radical postures in response to the perceived wickedness of the other party, and part of it is semantics: Many young progressives think of bailouts and cronyism when they hear the word “capitalism” and of the nicer parts of Copenhagen when they hear “socialism.” The opposite, and much healthier, tendency is to understand capitalism as Adam Smith, Apple, and a million lemonade stands, and socialism as what’s going on in editorialize against President Trump’s anti-press rhetoric.

Though serving as an AIT platoon sergeant is considered a broadening assignment that looks good to a promotion board — and between 50 percent and 70 percent of AIT platoon sergeants are selected for promotion — Gragg said the distinction is a problem."Quite honestly, we have put them in the middle," he added."You know, the drill sergeant gets a badge and some special pay.Now, with a book out, she is telling the world that Trump is a monster who wants to start a race war. Warren’s go-nowhere, strictly-for-show plan would require those firms to seek a federal charter and would give the government power to determine the composition of their boards (a certain share of seats for employees, etc.), restrict their political speech, and otherwise make shareholders subservient to politicians in the pursuit of what the bill vaguely describes as a “material positive impact on society resulting from the business and operations of a United States corporation, when taken as a whole.” Businesses failing to comply with that nebulous standard (certain to be held unconstitutional for that reason by the Supreme Court) would be subject to litigation.To the degree that she is a problem for Trump, she is entirely one of his own creation: an unbalanced camera hog from the world of reality television, boosted by Trump to actual reality. The trial bar is an important Warren constituency, and it certainly would appreciate the effort at a full-employment program for lawyers, but empowering federal judges to micromanage U. businesses is, if you’ll forgive us for saying so, nuts.

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