Row cannot be located for updating some values delphi

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.The biggest problem with the ADO solution can be seen when a row in a join is deleted. The exact message you see depends on the version of ADO you are using and the database, but it will be along the lines that you cannot delete the row because other records relate to it. In the current scenario, the error message implies that a product cannot be deleted because there are records that relate to the product, but the error occurs whether the product has any related records or not.The explanation can be found by following the same logic for deletions as for insertions.This can happen if you are setting field values in a stored procedure when therecord is posted.You can change the behavior of how ADO finds a record to update using the Update Criteria property ADOData Set1.Two SQL Even if you understand how this process works, it's helpful to look at this problem through the users' eyes.From their point of view, when users delete a row in the grid, I would wager that 99 percent of them intend to delete just the product—not both the product and the supplier.

You can specify that deletes refer to just the Products table and not to Suppliers using the following line of code: When you use batch updates, any changes you make to your records can be made in memory; later, the entire "batch" of changes can be submitted as one operation.

Text; //additional fields here Post; end; end; end; What is the tbl Main? Properties['Update Criteria'].value := ad Criteria Key; end; Then do the sort in the On Activate of form procedure Tfrm Main.

This statement provides a list of orders and the customers that placed those orders.

Properties['Update Criteria'].value :=ad Criteria Key; Your choices are ad Criteria Key, ad Criteria All Cols (BDE's default),ad Criteria Upd Cols (ADO's default) and ad Criteria Time Stamp.

Yet another one of those cryptic messages that basically says “you’re screwed”. Well, I had my mysql tables designed as having different fields as float. Everything went well until today when I had to modify that field on a record which had some fractional part (until now I did modifications but only to values with no fractional part) and boom. Just change the mysql column float into decimal(M, L).

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