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It has been a little over a year since I went speed dating for the first time.I was 28 years old and my friend talked me into joining her. All of my friends know I’m single and willing to mingle, but here’s the problem: no one has single male friends to set me up with.18) You’re going to meet a lot of people – it’s like The Bachelorette during the first episode of the season – so you may need to step out of your comfort zone.If it eases the situation, bring a friend you know can reassure you.It’s like dating practice and the confidence you’ll probably attain from making it through the situation will most likely help in other facets of your life.I hope that these tips help in your dating endeavours.19) I wasn’t always the most outgoing person, so these types of events aren’t necessarily my favourite.

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Watch their Twitter page (@troopoffoxes) for updates on their next event.I’ve sat through a meeting like that and it was a very forced conversation. You have five to eight minutes to feel this person out. 12) If a couple of minutes go by and you’re not feeling that interested, DON’T zone out. 15) Try not to divulge too much personal information to every single date. 16) Sometimes it can get loud in the venue, especially when the space is small.The guy was looking to check his boxes and that was about it. You literally may have people sitting just inches away from you, so you’re going to have to speak up.I couldn’t find the host when I arrived, so I grabbed a drink at the bar and then made fast friends with a couple of ladies that I quickly pinpointed as other attendees.Neither had ever gone speed dating before, so I talked to them about my previous experiences.

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