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It’s because I work at a college and deal with students.

Many develop crushes, but I prefer to keep things professional. Hot off the presses, a 29 year-old wall victim stabs man in the stomach for refusing to have sex with her: Bnees On a side note, a LOT of naturals will fuck aggressive ugly girls, that’s a part of why girls end up that way.

They often focus on small numbers of people of particular backgrounds or nationalities. They are simply a look at a certain part of a population.

Data can be manipulated to serve a variety of purposes.

Come on, people.” I’ve seen this a bunch of times ’cause these days my flirting/escalating is on auto-pilot with pretty much whatever girl is in front of me, but I actually have really specific tastes in women so I end up getting the girl attracted, but then turning her down because she’s not my type.

Its part and parcel with a woman’s great fear that a man will think she’s a slut.Let’s remember a caveat that today’s blog contributor forgot to add: You cut your balls off the day you give a woman a key to your home. Unless he’s doing well enough to have a separate apartment, he must keep his main squeeze from having a key to his place. Where are you going to have your way with the other women?If he is young and mooching off a woman who has a place of her own, he’s already a castrated bitch.lol Hell, even her friends or the mother hens get into it sometimes, like I’m not as into their friend as I SHOULD be since she likes me so what’s my problem, why don’t I want to fuck her? lol it’s all super retarded from a logical perspective.Anyway, that whole Tyler video is about validation in general, the difference between internal/external validation, giving women too much and not enough validation, etc.

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