Psp game collection megaupload links updating

Download Links Hotfile OS_4.part1html OS_4.part2html OS_4.part3html OS_4.part4html OS_4.part5html OS_4.part6html OS_4.part7html OS_4.part8html Uploading OS_4.part1.rar/ OS_4.part2.rar/ OS_4.part3.rar/ OS_4.part4.rar/ OS_4.part5.rar/ OS_4.part6.rar/ OS_4.part7.rar/ OS_4.part8.rar/ All links are interchangable.

No release date is know as of yet but you never know when a release will happen, as before DCEmu is the only place to get this news so if you see some faker posting that its gonna be released at such a time youll know its a lie.

This pack now has everything you need for all of your font needs.

Features: 177 fonts Registries for 2.0-2.8 X-flash for 1.5 Fonthacker program for 2.0-2.8 Devhook instructions Ways to fix your own registries so you dont lost any settings. Download and Give Feedback Via Commentsv0.8 released Added colors, and made it display some status changes that it didn't display in earlier versions(kicks/title changes/maybe some others...) the main feature is the colors for each name, makes it easier to read stuff from the sea of white that is usually there.

heres the details: *UPDATE* Ok now if you've seen my first release of this homebrew than you obviouslly know that the gfx were horrible. with some help from ikarius the gfx are looking pretty good.

I also edit the bg color while playing and I made the hole and ball round instead of square. Its not amazing but it took me a week just to make it so be nice!

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