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“One of the biggest challenges is to accept your skin and the mental and physical challenges that come with it,” Holly explains.“I have spent the last year saying ‘yes’ to every single thing that would make me uncomfortable: showing my skin, talking about it.

“Because I wasn’t referred to a specialist dermatologist until then, I had overused the steroid creams so much that my skin, particularly on my back, was so thin it had started to lose pigmentation.

When Holly Dillon arrived at Faro airport for a flight home after her holiday with friends, she was feeling relaxed and happy.

Yet everything changed when the 26-year-old freelance film director tried to check in.

It works by targeting a protein (PDE4) that controls inflammation of the skin, with trials showing around a third of patients achieved 75 per cent clearer skin after four months.

Psoriasis occurs due to an over-reaction of the immune system, which causes inflammation and rapid growth of skin cells.

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