Pre recorded webcam shows

All devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network*—if you’re shooting at a venue, make sure you talk to the venue beforehand and that their network is up to the task, get their network login details and set up each device to connect to the network as one of your pre-show tasks.Tip: If the venue doesn’t have Wi-Fi or it’s inadequate for your needs, one thing I do that works well is bring my own Airport Extreme to create a network.

You can synchronize the starting point of the two webcam tracks easily in Camtasia.Unfortunately I'm limited to PCs & in a work environment where it's not easy to get software especially something not created by a major software producer. You are not even wanting to record the contents of the computer screen -- just the 2 webcam sources, side-by-side, similar to an interviewer/interviewee on a news program.Unfortunately, Camtasia only has an option to capture one webcam, and does not show a "preview" of the separate webcam source in a preview window.But, again to try to answer your exact question, you could record a 2nd webcam with a different program (other than Camtasia) and show it's preview window (it has to be a program that offers a preview window) on the screen you are recording with Camtasia.That would get you one video track that has the screen video captured, along with a webcam (in the corner, let's say) -- no editing to marry the two together.

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