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Polysexuality is defined as attraction to more than one gender.I have never met someone who identifies as polysexual, usually it is only used as an umbrella term for the bi and pansexual community.When I have a crush on a girl it feels different than having a crush on a guy or having a crush on a nonbinary person.One harmful myth I hear about pansexuality is that it is a subset of bisexuality. While some people identify as both bisexual and pansexual, the majority of pansexual people I know identify only as pansexual.The opposite of polysexual, monosexuality is attraction to only one gender. According to Wikipedia, polyamory is the “practice of or desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the knowledge of all partners.”There are many misconceptions about polyamory and its relation to polysexuality.

There was the friend who said she wouldn’t date someone bisexual because he would cheat with a man.

As someone who’s been living as an out and proud bisexual for the past four years, I’ve had lots of time to field straight, and sometimes gay and lesbian, people’s questions about my sexuality.

I have decided to write up a quick glossary of terms in order to clear up some misconceptions.

There was the time my dad said he totally supported gay rights, but didn’t understand how someone could be neither gay nor straight.

And I was familiar with the stereotype that bisexual men are too feminine and, as my classmate implied, really just gay.

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