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On Earth, Renton's wound on his arm is infected and he has a high fever, and Eureka is using the Nirvash's emergency kit to try to cure his fever and the kids are worried that he is going to die but she says that won't happen.

At Tresor, some of Jurgens's soldiers decide to seek their revenge against Holland for killing their fellow officers and friends.

Jurgens finds information from Reffers a bit suspicious, but Holland points out they'll fight for what they want to protect, even though the odds of them winning against Dewey bother him.

Renton wakes up to find his fever gone but his arm still hurts.

The other two children agree that she is now their mother, and Eureka feels happy to know they still love her.

At Tresor, Jurgens has a big problem with the Izumo's refits and wants it painted red.

Talho tells Holland to deal with the immediate problems.He goes outside to find the kids playing and Eureka has wings.Although surprised by the transformation, he tells her that she looks beautiful with the wings.A tear hits one of the spots on her arm and they start to glow, and she buries her face on his chest as she goes through a quick but painful transformation.Her left arm turns into a green and pink Coralian design and she grows wings.

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