Outlook mailbox view not updating

When using the term “Exchange Mailbox”, we are using an “alias” for a Database that hosted on the Exchange server.

We can describe the OWA (Outlook Web Application) mail client as a “viewer” for the data that stored in the Exchange database, and the Outlook mail client as a “viewer” for the database (OST File) that stored on the user desktop (Hard drive). WAN environment: When using a local Exchange Server (on-premises), Outlook synchronizes data to and from the Exchange Mailbox, by using a local LAN infrastructure.

When i log into the exchange server she is still showing 800mb? Removed and re-added the account in outlook and her size is 300mb still. I also tried to incress her mailbox size just to see if i could make it so she could send messages for the day but she keeps getting bounce backs saying she is over the limit...

Hi, We are using ME Enterprise, after upgrade to 9.72 our customer start complaining about mailbox size issue.

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When dealing with “Outlook synchronization problems” there are two main scenarios: Many times we meet the synchronization problem when we need to upload data to the Exchange Online Mailbox.

In case that the synchronization process fails, we will need to eliminate the cause, by finding the specific mail items, which cause the synchronization problem.

The additional scenario could describe as “operative” Mailbox with synchronization problems.

The “cause” of synchronization issues can classify by using the following categories: A. The symptoms of synchronization problems relating to communication line could be: This part is a little bit tricky Q – How can we identify corrupted mail items that cause synchronization problems?

A – There is no simple method to locate corrupted mail items.

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