Online dating doesnt work

Online dating is just the latest iteration and it won't be the last.Romance has always been a numbers game (as in, getting the largest sample size in which to render the highest ratio of compatibility).With that said don't poke your confidence with a stick, it's there.You just gotta remember that nothing is perfect and Online Dating isn't perfect either, in fact most Online Dating sites are turning into somewhat of Tinder clones.I mean if it's not some alcohol or drug problem then there is some emotional train wrecking going on.In short for every 1 decent woman, you will be faced with 50 bat shit crazy ones.You can be the grossest, shittiest potato but if you're not fit as fuck, working at a job you can endure, and improving your ability to interact with other people, then you are the problem and not your gross, shitty potato.Never before did people have such a excess of romantic options.

Ok, so we go Bots, Subscription and Piss Poor Profile Quality out of the way let's get to the biggest elephant in the room.

However, as mentioned I noticed a rather steady decline in Quality of Online Dating sites, and I noticed a interesting trend.

I'm a data driven analytical weirdo in some way, so let's get to the point of this rant.

Everyone has a "grass is greener" mentality because of the overwhelming number of options so everyone is searching for the most optimal choice.

Of course, in doing so they are passing by many quality choices. But I really think this 'perfect yourself as a human' ask for nothing, expect nothing - zen bullshit needs to stop.

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