Online dating detective

Request information from multiple schools to find the best program and educational opportunity for you! We have a huge membership comprised of singles from every kind of career imaginable, and with such a huge and varied pool of well-educated members to mingle with, you’re bound to find the cop you’ve been craving.Every site out there seems to claim they’ve got the irrefutable scientific means by which they can set you up with the perfect mate.Unfortunately, as with everything online, as this means of finding a romantic match becomes more popular, so do scams associated with the process.Scammers will use any method they can to victimize innocent people.From creating detailed and authentic-looking fake profiles to using emails with embedded code, they seek to gain the trust of their intended victim, which eventually leads to financial fraud even identity theft.If there is evidence of fraud, the investigator can not only advise the user away from the scammer, but can turn the evidence over to legal authorities to help to bring the scammer to justices and prevent them from targeting other innocent people.People’s entire lives have been, and continue to be, ruined by internet dating scams.

Recognising the increased trend for individuals online to claim to be someone they are not, in June 2011 Julia Robson founded a niche service providing background checks and investigations to users of online dating.

Private investigators have a wealth of training, knowledge and experience to deal with these sorts of fraud and scam.

They can access tools to which many people don’t have access to find the evidence to stop the scams and put the scammers away. Choose your area of study and receive free information about programs you are interested in.

When someone thinks they are the victim of, or targeted by, an online dating scam, they might hire a private detective to conduct an internet dating investigation.

The investigator will use a variety of methods to check into the veracity of the profile or the identity of the potential scammer.

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