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It is also very important for me to stay in good shape and I lead the healthy life style, there is no sense to waste this life for bad habits and for feeling bad.After my working day it is a big pleasure for me to listen to music, to go out with my friends for a dance or just to spend time in the circle of close friends while leading interesting and calm conversation.I always had an idea that my life is perfect, I have a great job, I have a nice house, drive an expensive car, and am used to travel a lot.And I should say that till last year or so, I was quite happy with my life, but not anymore, as the problem is I cannot share all the things I have with a loving me man.

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I believe that for everyone there is a second half, who is waiting for him somewhere in the neighborhood and doesn't even suspect that very soon he will gain his happiness.

Lady dentist with the drill in her hands is here Do you have a sweet tooth? But outside of my cabinet, when I take off my work suit you can see a very bright, caring and playful woman!

Are you a bad boy and go to bed without brushing teeth? I am very accurate, punctual and correct with other people! The doctor who will heal my heart and bring a special pill from loneliness for me!

I really enjoy smiling and I am sure that those people who cannot smile and cannot enjoy this life miss a lot in this world!!!

Life is great and I wish very much to share my positive mood with the special person!!!

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