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Also when using the “Test EMail Auto Configuration..” (by holding CTRL and right click on Outlook System Tray icon) to examine the Auto Discover information, there was no OAB URL (OABUrl in XML) being sent to the clients.

I spent 3 hours trying to find out why this was happening (I assumed it was configuration and/or IIS authentication related).

OABs in Exchange 2013 and later are improved over OABs in Exchange 2010.

These changes were introduced in Exchange 2013: For OAB procedures, see Procedures for offline address books in Exchange Server.

In the properties of the OAB, you can configure the OAB virtual directories that are available to distribute the OAB to clients.

The default setting restricts OAB distribution to the OAB virtual directories on the server that holds the OAB's organization mailbox.

The OAB files are generated and stored in the designated organization mailbox, so the destination for OAB download requests is the Mailbox server that holds the active copy of the organization mailbox.

The OAB files are copied from the organization mailbox to for retrieval by clients.

Client requests for the OAB are proxied by the Client Access (frontend) services on a Mailbox server to this backend location.

There will also be a delay where you’ll need to wait for your Outlook clients to refresh their autodiscover configuration.

You can run the “Test Email Auto Configuration…” to see if the OAB is now being passed to your clients.

OAB generation occurs in a designated arbitration mailbox that has the . To change the OAB generation schedule, see Change the offline address book generation schedule in Exchange Server.

To manually update an OAB, see Use the Exchange Management Shell to update offline address books.

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