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Hands down the best vanilla I've smelled in a frag.If you went to an exclusive Manhattan restaurant where they sell the I did not really get much tobacco at all from this.

I'd love to smell it on a woman, but my ultra-picky wife didn't care for it.

Even if it isn't for me, I'd have to say between the delicious vanilla and the overall great performance, this is still a 10/10, or at the very least a rock solid 9.

It has been a staple in my Scent Armory for the past 5-years and can add nothing new, meaningful or remotely insightful that hasn't already been mentioned ad nauseam; Tobacco Vanille is simply one of the best fragrances available in its genre.

But you'll have to make that decision with your own pocketbooks and wallets.

Finally, I put my nose on L'Occitane Eau des Baux shortly after my purchase and I am on my 4th bottle.

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