Nigerian culture and dating

Surely you have seen how many posts have been made by by non-Nigerians who are experiencing MAJOR problems with Naija men.

The best solution is to stay away anf keep to their own men and if they cannot, then I might as well devise the 'Dating Naija men commandments'.

But you see ladies, once that money isn’t coming in like it usually does, they would take out the frustration of their insecurities on you. You would wonder I for one don’t do too well on roller coasters. But if your the kind that gets a kick out of the rides, you would handle well the ups and downs that come with dating a Benue guy.Well this article is for the lovely ladies that are done checking out men from their own tribe and need a little heads up before they dabble with dating a different one.So I’d save you the culture shock and growing pains that come with an inter-tribal relationship. I heard about a lot of girls having misunderstandings, severe fights and even break-ups, because they had culture shock when they decided to step out of the security of their tribe. Seeing as Nigerians are a tad bit tribalist, inter-tribal dating is something of a new phenomenon that only boomed in the last decade.

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