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NFS request will be interrupted when the server is not reachable.Example: If a file system is mounted read-only, the remount option remounts it read/write.For a file that rarely changes or that is owned and modified by only one user, like a file in a user’s home directory, decrease the load on your network by setting the acregmax=120 or higher.The Network File System is certainly one of the most widely used network services.Options: -t - Option specifies the type of the file system that is NFS.-o intr—this option is used in a non-reliable network, or network having more network congestion.Open up your favorite text editor, for example, vim and edit /etc/exports file by adding a line /home/nfs/ *(ro,sync) which will export /home/nfs directory for any host with read only permissions.

The default retrans value is 4 This refers to the maximum number of seconds a directory’s attributes are cached on the NFS client. if the timeout period expires, the client flushes its attribute cache, and if the attributes have changed, the client sends them to the NFS server.The main purpose of this protocol is sharing file/file system over the network between two UNIX/Linux machines.Users on a client computer can access remote file system over a network in a manner similar way they access a local filesystem.For NFSv2 or NFSv3, the default values for both parameters is set to 8192.For NFSv4, the default values for both parameters is set to 32768.

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