Myers briggs and dating

When you take the test, you will notice a score on each letter of your MBTI from 1 to 100.

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They can spend an inordinate about of time screwing around with women who will never lay them and systems that will never work. Introvert Strengths: Introverts learn very fast from their mistakes and tend not to repeat them.

They will find it much more difficult to relate to a feminine state of mind which will hurt them not only in seduction, but in relationships too.

These guys have to try extra hard to anticipate and understand why women do the things they do. Note this has nothing to do with your intelligence or knowledge. Feeler Strengths: Feeling guys are naturally sexual, sensual, romantic, and mysterious.

They also tend to come off as smooth, cool, and smart in a non-nerdy way which is very attractive to most of women.

Intuition Weaknesses: Intuition guys often lack empathy, and can come off as emotionally dumb or insensitive.

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