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I’d like to thank Layla for being the smartest person in the entire novel. She spends a chapter musing about how much of a failure she is and how this no-name blogger doesn’t matter.

Fast forward to that night, and Layla tells her that Maddie shouldn’t engage with the reviewer.

However, you don’t know the first thing about my experiences. Going by your chosen screen name, I’d guess you’re some sixty-year-old virgin whose romantic prospects are busy swiping left. I mean, yes, this was a colossal mistake but she was drunk. Cue Silver Fox’s response (he doesn’t know who Maddie is, as she’s writing under a penname and her new book is a secret): Ms. It’s up to you if you want to follow it around explaining to people how they’re reading it all wrong, but I wouldn’t advise that. That would be a disservice to our readers—my intended audience. If you have trouble with that, perhaps you should find a way to avoid reading the comments? Cheers, Silver Fox My problem is this: even when she’s sober, Maddie continues to send antagonistic and insulting messages to Silver Fox.

For your information, I was involved in a long-term relationship throughout most of the writing of this novel. If you want to show that emotion to your reader, here’s an idea: Put it in the book. And no, I’m neither sixty years old, nor a virgin, though I contend neither of those would disqualify me from knowing plausible romantic chemistry. I understand why: Silver Fox is acting like an asshole!

Readers looking for a fantasy romance will want to know if this is the book for them. But I just couldn’t tolerate her handling of the situation later when she’s sober and she’s been told not to engage. I feel like this is one of those “I’m a doctor and I can’t read medical romances because the errors drive me wild” situations.

Then, when their behavior contradicts her categorization, she is shocked that her label isn’t accurate.

The men in her life are Wickhams, Darcys, Rochesters, and Gilbert Blythes.

In a completely unrelated turn of events (I hope you can sense the sarcasm), Maddie is in a love pentagon: And, of course , one of the love interests is Silver Fox. Despite ignoring her editor’s excellent advice to not read reviews, Maddie sets up a Google alert for her name and finds a blog review for her upcoming debut.

I’m sorry for spoiling the entire book for you (I’m not that sorry, as it’s heavily implied in the blurb). The review, penned by Silver Fox, is not complimentary.

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