Most intimidating football grounds in england

Instead, the ultra-modern successor to the venerable Empire Stadium is used as a neutral venue for hosting cup finals, relegation battles and matches featuring the England national team.The stadium can accommodate 90,000 spectators, and can be instantly recognised - courtesy of the massive suspension arch which soars over Wembley's hallowed turf.West Ham United became the second football club in England to take over and repurpose an athletics stadium when they moved into the London Stadium in 2016.While the former Olympic stadium’s regulation capacity is 54,000 it can accommodate up to 66,000 spectators.

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Going by the nickname ‘The Grand Old Lady,’ you can tell that the stadium is indeed old.

With a seating capacity of 54,074, it is the 6th biggest stadiums of the EPL.

Recently, it has been renovated to increase the capacity.

In its short time as the home of West Ham United the stadium has set the scene for some of the club’s most infamous scenes of hooliganism and crowd violence.

Tottenham Hotspur's White Hart Lane ground was completely demolished to make place for their new stadium.

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