Mmo dating

“The 3-on-3, real-time [...] Read more Gamigo announced today that the new buy to play Arche Age: Unchained server is set to launch on September 30th.Those interested in the game can also pre-order today to get some sweet bonuses.Becoming friends with some of the people you play with is only logical. A couple of weeks ago a guy named Raymond K Walintukan contacted me and informed me about this great app he and his colleagues have developed called Lovel Up.With this app getting to know someone online and playing your favourite MMORPG are being combined: you are being matched with other players who enjoy playing the same games as you do and invite them for a play date.

What makes this image even more unfortunate is that it was taken on August 30th, a day after Square Enix just did a ban wave of bots / RMT connected accounts.It's a sad state of affairs that [...] Read more Arena Net has just unveiled the next season in the Guild Wars 2 Living World content in a recent press release.Dubbed The Icebrood Saga, the latest addition to the fantasy MMORPG’s series of episodic content debuts on September 17th with the prologue episode: Bound by Blood.The game features 3v3 real-time single-player or coop battles against AI opponents.The game is set in a new location – Pasio Island, where Pokemon Trainers from all of the regions have gathered together to compete.

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