Microsoft updating beta tester validating the organizational vision mission and values statements

Generally this is done to expose qualified users to certain announcements, quests, and so we can learn about your interests and notify you of new opportunities.You may gain access to new Insider content through these programs. On the Xbox One console, you can reinstall the Xbox Insider Hub from the Ready to Install list in My games & apps.The Xbox Insider Program allows passionate Xbox fans the opportunity to give us feedback on the latest Xbox One System updates, as well as features and games still in development on the both the Xbox One console and Windows 10 PCs.Join the Xbox Insider Program and help make work-in-progress content and features coming to Xbox even better.

Anyone who launches the Xbox Insider Hub can participate in previews on that console if they are eligible.

I sold my console or no longer wish to participate as an Xbox Insider.

How can I stop participating in the Xbox Insider Program?

There are four Xbox One Update Preview rings, which allow you control when and how often you will get early access to console updates.

You’ll gain access to rings based on your activity as an Xbox Insider.

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