Michael ventrella dating ashley johnston

Ventrella - who entered the show with mum Maria - had been the first person in its history to lose 200lbs on campus.He had taken to the scale with a white rose which he later gave to his mother, describing her as his "number one inspiration".By the time she was in high school, Ashley wore a size 14-16, and she has put on over 100 pounds since then.Ashley is embarrassed to run into old friends and classmates because she's self-conscious about her weight.Koli Palu had been eliminated earlier in the night after the results of the public vote between himself and Daris were revealed.However, Koli was later crowned this season's at-home winner, scooping the grand prize of 0,000 after losing a total of 215lbs, which represented a weight loss of 53.35%.Working at a spa that focuses on well being is difficult for her because she feels that she projects a negative image to clients.

He lost 264 pounds, or 50.19% of his body weight, to claim the 0,000 prize.Koli would have won the title had he nabbed a spot in the final three, which was decided by a fan vote.Fans chose to give the berth to George instead of Koli, who had a tendency to come off as a bit cocky.Away from center stage, after the confetti rained down on Ventrella and the cameras and reporters swirled for a quote from the new winner, Palu rocked back and forth, tears in his eyes."I had it all in within my reach," he said, "and I won." He quickly added that he had no regrets, and would not second guess the monthlong period during which he trained for the marathon but only lost a disappointing 13 pounds.

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