Matt bomer who is he dating

Unfortunately this thread is a perfect example WHY we so rarely get real gossip: you bitches make mountains out of molehills -- e.g.

Matt gets a scratch on his face -- why, that MUST mean Simon is a vicious spouse-abuser who beats the shit out of his partner! (At least you're not as looney-tunes as the Fanderson freaks, though.)[quote]Why are you here on a website that states it's gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery if you can't stand any of it? However, what's being posted about Bomer is *none* of the above, but rather the delusional rantings of a small cadre of posters.

R17's comment about Bomer having Asperger's, which is fucking ridiculous).

(Speaking of the uneducated and the mentally ill, BTW)This is a GOSSIP place.It makes no sense not to have done it then, in a state where they could keep the marriage a secret, instead of waiting until 3 years ago, when they probably got married in New York. Who even knows if they told the truth about the marriage.R14 There were rumors here and there that Halls beat up an old boyfriend but people started talking when Bomer was papped outside the plastic surgeons with a big scratch on his face.To clarify a few things:1) Bomer was first outed when photos of him passionately kissing an ex (IIRC it was White) made their way onto the Web, via still-unknown means.I believe this happened shortly after "White Collar" premiered.2) Certain DLers have an utterly bizarre fixation on this man, and possibly even more so his partner Simon Halls; as such, all manner of wild rumors are fabricated out of thin air about the two (e.g.

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