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While there is nudity, this is not a sex club so if you're looking for a place to screw or get a BJ, please look elsewhere.

If you have ever been curious about spanking, paddling, whipping, strapping, caning or other forms of corporal punishment, please consider attending! Sanctuary is a DRUG FREE ZONE, including marijuana, but poppers are allowed. Threshold is over 3000 square feet and has theme rooms including a jail cell, spider web rack, medical and school rooms to satisfy everyone's fantasies.

The e-newsletter is sent "BCC" so your privacy is assured. None of the events listed anywhere on this website are Men Play LA's events.

Men Play LA does not organize, plan or work for these events, nor invite anyone to any of them. Men Play LA does not tolerate or post events promoting or engaging in prostitution, sex trafficking, illegal drug use, or any other illegal activity.

We hope to explore various times and days for our parties, but a good turnout is obviously helpful if we are to get a better time slot!

Rope * Gags * Chains * Cuffs * Metal Gear * Leather Bondage Buddies - Bring some rope and get ready to tie and/or be tied at L. Come join us for one of the hottest Chub/Bear and Chaser parties in Los Angeles!

24 hour endless bar, lots of food and entertainment! Enjoy a relaxed no pressure situation, & meet up other like-minded people. Experience LA’s #1 nightclub The Mayan transformed into a dark and dirty nighttime truck stop, complete with underground cruise area.Cover includes premium drinks, condoms, lube, and a private place to be naked with all the bears, chubs, chasers, otters, cubs, and other woodland animals! We are the premiere social event for our community.Presented by Green Mirror Entertainment and Bullet Bar. Club membership not necessary, but first-time pay an additional fee. page_id=8570Start with 15 minutes of individual stretching.Movies under the stars, parties, Friends of Bill W., bonfires, hot showers, and virgin rituals! DJ Oscar Velazquez will take you on an all night journey of driving beats while you cruise the men, and boys, that come to the truck stop looking for action.There are plenty of activities, bike events, people activities and more. Blackout Underground Social a private social event for masculine and discreet black men. Open bar. pm - pm Beverly Hills (address to be sent on approval) prepaid via credit card, Venmo, or Pay Pal To be considered, please submit an application at or email [email protected] House was founded as a place for highly attractive men to physically connect without boundaries in an upscale environment.

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