Marilyn quayle dating

On the campaign trail, her vigilance has sometimes relaxed.

Although she prefers classical music while Dan and the kids “love rock ‘n’ roll,” she cut a few dance steps recently when a staffer put on a Motown tune in the campaign plane.

Now her half of Quayle & Quayle is out on the stump, selling the Bush-Quayle ticket to voters as ardently as she would have pitched her own skills to employers. a political savvy that understands the game,” says Reid Nelson of Indianapolis, who managed Dan Quayle’s first campaign in 1976--and who came to understand quickly that Marilyn’s presence was not window dressing.

“Usually I’m trying to scoot him along because normally we’re stopped at a rope line and we’re late for an event and he’ll stand there and talk forever. The Bush campaign “did not anticipate having a wife they could put on her own schedule,” a Quayle aide said.

Where he has sometimes been known to wade wildly into tangled thickets of his own rhetoric, she speaks in measured, deliberate sentences.

Quayle “couldn’t have picked a better (wife), especially when you’re a goof like he is,” said an Indiana lawyer and Democrat who knew her well in law school, and who did not want his name used.

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