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The same year, she was seen with an unrewarding maids turn in Anthony Edwards directorial debut movie Charlies Ghost Story.With the films success and her widely admired performance, Linda received many offers to reprise her man-eater persona, and in 1995, she took a similar part for William Friedkins critically-darned Jade, in which she was seen as a psychologist-prostitute suspected of slaughter named Trina Gavin.Laurel Weaver/ Agent L, in the Will Smith vehicle Men in Black (1997).As the Barry Sonnenfeld-helmed film became a box office hit, Linda earned an even greater mainstream status.

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The subsequent years saw her take part in the lackluster Body Count (1998) before scoring an acclaimed performance as the last descendant of Christ in the Kevin Smith controversial comedy Dogma (1999).

She continued capturing notice for her follow-up efforts such as the Cold War thriller Gotcha (1985), starring with Anthony Edwards as Russian spy Sasha, and in the Martin Scorsese-helmed fantastic comedy After Hours (1985), she memorably played supporting turn kinky sculptress (and dominatrix) Kiki Bridges, a performance that brought her mainstream stardom.

Despite hectic film schedule, she also premiered herself on the small screen with a spot on an episode of the NBC Alfred Hitchcock Presents, that same year.

Thomas Howell in another telefilm, the thriller-comedy Eyes of a Stranger (1993).

Lindas biggest break arrived in 1994 when director John Dahl had her star as merciless femme fatale Bridget Gregory in the neo-noir The Last Seduction.

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