Leslie mann dating

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An article in this week’s , however, says the director and actress have hit a serious rough patch in their relationship because “their dynamic is off.” An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Their marriage is less than ideal.When Carly is looking at Amber through the binoculars and talking to Kate she is not wearing any sunglasses.When she starts to run after Amber on the beach she is then wearing sunglasses.It’s not uncommon to see them in the corner arguing, or for them to be on separate sides of a room, upset with each other.” The main point of contention, according to the questionable source, is that whenever they go out, “Leslie gets a few drinks in her” and hits on other men. “She becomes a big flirt and Judd hates it,” adds the supposed tipster. They fight, and they don’t always make up.” The magazine’s account of the couple’s marriage is completely fabricated. Judd Apatow on Instagram: “Apatow-Mann Love.” 12 Mar. Judd Apatow on Instagram: “Happy Valentines Day Leslie! “LESLIE MANN ON HER HOLLYWOOD SUCCESS STORY, FAMILY WITH JUDD APATOW, & WHY SHE'S SO POSITIVE.” Los Angeles Confidential.

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