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The term can be used much like ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ are used in Korea. Children are celebrated 100 days after their birth because a child who survived that long was likely to live.

This is done both to visitors and other Koreans, so don’t feel as though you’ve been singled out if your bumped out of the way while you’re traveling. The use of the word ‘friend’ in Korean is actually quite complex!I truly honestly believe that learning a bit about the culture(s) of the language(s) that you’re studying can go a long way in helping you to feel more attached to the language.Earlier, I discussed the importance of sociolinguistics – how culture ties into language – and to continue that conversation, I’d like to share culture guides for various countries around the world to help you make your travels and language learning that much more enjoyable.Some people in Korea, especially elders in the countryside do not like having their photos taken.So it’s best to ask permission or avoid taking the photo to avoid giving offense.

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    We all know, the history and socio-economic culture, its political structure highly attributes to how people live their routine lives and see the matters associated with their lives.