Islam and interracial dating

Tales of being disowned, dishonored, and doomed are oftentimes the climactic focus of such unorthodox behavior.Undeniably, such horrific tales do evidently exist, however the outcome is not always so disastrous.My face was flushed as shock overcame me, the few faces at the gym were giggling as they saw what had happened. Today, Darius and I laugh about it and often joke about how nervous he was speaking to me for the first time.In the midst of our meaningless conversation, Darius had managed to forget that he had been pumping the volleyball and consequently over-pumped it until it popped in my face! But had it not been for such a dramatic interaction, I would have probably never looked toward Darius or even tried to get to know him.I had to cut the conversation short and as I was leaving, he asked me to give him a Quran and if I would be interested in reading his Bible.

As I was leaving the gym later that night, Darius had stopped me one more time to apologize for causing such a scene and as my trauma began to wear off, I smiled and told him to be more careful next time.I sat back down and explained to him hijab and as we dove deeper into the conversation, I realized how little he knew about Islam.I explained the basic philosophy of Islam and tried to link it to Christianity, and though he had very deep conviction in his belief system at the time, he had naturally gravitated toward the conversation and became curious about Islam.Breaking cultural barriers through marriage seems to be the new boogie monster.It is a deviance that is often spoken about but almost rarely executed.

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