Is jill scott still dating lamman rucker

Brely Evans co-stars as Connie Mack, the aforementioned stepmother who lives across the hall from Darryl.She's a little overweight, which happened after getting married to Avery Mack, played by Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise and Single Ladies), a former real estate agent who now works at a furniture store.Tri Destined Studios seems instead more focused on home video and television.In fact, this movie premiered on March 12th on BET where it's been running like crazy.All of whom are shook up by the arrival of a new tenant and his subsequent murder. ) stars as Darryl Graham, a former gang member who has perhaps done some time in prison. When he moves into a new building, he doesn't realize he's moving into the middle of a soap opera.He's dating a girl who he used to date years ago and whom he got pregnant but she aborted. When she dumps him, she's staying at the beach but really she lives in the same building.

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Both Rucker and Ri'chard worked on Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns.Of all the films in that company, the big push hasn't been in movie theaters.This one is probably the first to get as much notice in theaters as anything else, which wasn't much.Haley instead crafts this movie in a fast and economical way as all the other movies by Tri Destined Studios. The movie never drops below Jackée Harry sitting on the front stoop of the apartment building doing a similar shtick as in her Emmy-winning role in NBC's 227.Even a suicide scene is more comical and ridiculous than deep or depressing. It's not as much of a demarcation for this movie to embrace its clear and obvious melodrama, its soap-opera aspects.

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