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Greg and Sharon Kitchen let their five-year-old son Danny download Zombies vs Ninjas from the App Store after seeing it was a free game.

But, while playing, Danny bought a 69.99 in-app purchase. He then continued to buy similar add-ons 18 more times.

There were a few for 69.99 and it all looked like it was the same thing, so I presumed it was a mistake.

"I didn't think much of it, so with it being Monday morning I just carried on with the day.

"Later on in the day I received a phone call from the credit card people asking if 19 transactions of 69.99 each were normal," she explained.

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"On Sunday afternoon Danny asked my husband for the passcode," Sharon Kitchen explained to news agency SWNS. I read a couple and thought it must be a mistake, as there were so many.

"We had lots of visitors in the house and were both a little preoccupied. But I checked my bank account online and there were no transactions so I just forgot about it." It wasn't until the couple were contacted by their bank that Sharon Kitchen realised something was wrong.

Danny had bought five packs of 9000 darts, each costing 69.99, plus five lots of 4200 darts at 5.49 each and additional bombs totalling 3.22.

"When I realised I called my husband and asked him to sort this out," she continued.

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