Intimidating young actors

When looking at the different styles of acting and rehearsal technique we can clearly see that effective communication is key to provide actors with your vision.

Van den Bergh says the actor should be left to interpret their own role, and it is unnecessary for the director to intellectualise with the actors.

He says that if you don’t have time to do proper rehearsals you should at least get to know your actors and even befriend them.

The second most important aspect of directing according to Van den Bergh is communication.

Intellectualising with the actor during rehearsal and keeping it extremely simple on set is what most actors want.

Van den Bergh states that things like beats, pace and style are things that are important in the script, but not on set.

He believes a professional actor should do this preparation since it’s his job.

I feel the actor should prepare, although the director clearly has a space within these preparations.

He uses Meisner to find the meaning behind the text, what the screenwriter intended in each beat and subtext.Many young directors, especially those in film school, find working with actors intimidating.Often the actors are also learning how to work with directors.Effective communication is achievable through the “actor’s vocabulary” and the key is not to over-direct but rather to build a relationship with actors based on trust.Regardt Van den Bergh is of the opinion that trust is extremely important between director and actor.

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