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The black-clad, scowling members of the group created a moral panic with their gritty tales about gang life in Compton, Calif. He was simply a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, a hip-hop/R&B group that performed Morris Day and the Time-style dance routines in shimmery jackets.

In his new book “Parental Discretion Is Advised: The Rise of N. Kennedy dives into the group, who were active between 19 and enjoyed a reasonable amount of success on the West Coast.

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“This first verse is for Officer [name deleted] and all you fed force [expletive].” “And Mr.

“Being the group leader, having my own house and owning nightclubs in Los Angeles kind of gave me Hugh Hefner status,” vocalist Alonzo Williams tells The Post.on the remix of Gina Thompson’s “The Things That You Do.” We can think of it as a proto-meme: it went “viral,” and d.j.s began inserting it into their sets.Everyone was calling its inventor the “hee hee haw girl.” “The Things That You Do” was Elliott’s début.“Some of the music is a little silly looking back, but it’s cool to see how Dre is beginning to express his talent,” Kennedy tells The Post.“You can get the sense that Dre had an ear for sampling and scratching.” As hip-hop slowly rose to prominence during the decade, Dre was feeling suffocated by the group and its music.

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