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Century Egg The Chinese century egg is a normal egg left sitting in brine for a couple of months, turning all gelatinous and black in the process. We don’t know why that’s supposed to be a good thing.

Chicken Feet A street vendor food enjoyed throughout East Asia, there’s nothing inherently offensive about chicken feet; they’re even enjoyed in parts of the American south.

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East Asian countries in particular all seem to have a plethora of extreme foods that you’d never be able to get back home.

The very idea of eating blood seems kind of impossible because blood tends to come in liquid form most of the time, but it’s actually not half bad.

It’s got a salty and ever so mildly metallic taste, creating a culinary experience not unlike tasting your own blood after being punched in the face.

Eating this basically makes you the equivalent of the child-eating monster at the end of a cautionary fairy tale passed on from generation to generation in the shrimp community.

Live Octopus This already pretty famous dish served in Korea comes in one of two forms: whole and chopped up.

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