International dating violence research consortium

If the programme’s writers had seriously studied the issue, they would have explained that Rob’s terrible desperation to control Helen came from his own neediness; that this sort of man is totally dependent on his victim. Instead, they came up with a fantasy storyline that will have one big, unexpected, unwelcome result: the continued demonisation of men and another supposed victory for the feminist movement! The storyline in The Archers sustains the old lie that it is only men who commit domestic violence, and we must always look at women as victims.There is barely any provision for male victims, while the law is almost entirely rigged in favour of female victims.The term "violence" refers to maltreatment of a partner, including physical assault, injury as a result of assault by a partner, psychological aggression, and sexual coercion.The questionnaires, although completed by one person, include data on the behavior of both partners as reported by the student who completed questionnaire.Since 1974, the feminist movement has hijacked the issue of domestic violence and turned it into this simplistic world, a patriarchy run by villainous men; a world where nasty men rape and attack women, and no complications are allowed to enter this ludicrous, simplistic picture.The tragedy is The Archers has done nothing to dislodge this dangerous myth — it has simply made things worse.It includes data on both perpetration and being a victim of violence.The data were obtained using questionnaires completed by university students in all major world regions.

Using the CTS, the respondents were queried about personal and social relationships.

It was in 1971 that I set up what has been called the first women’s refuge in the world, Chiswick Women’s Aid, now known as Refuge.

Since then, I have come across thousands of victims of domestic violence (I still help them) and many cases where an abuser has himself — or herself — been attacked in return.

The makers of The Archers have strung out the Rob and Helen story not to help real victims, but to boost the popularity of the programme.

They have tried to justify the storyline by tweeting the details of a domestic violence action line.

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