Importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior

For me personally my boyfriend told me that he did not fall not fall for me for my physical looks but for my character.

He loved my personality so much that he saw me as beautiful no matter what. I think everybody cares about appearance to some extent.

One response to unfairness is to get people to stop discriminating unfairly.

This might work for some domains, such as employment where interviews could be conducted blind.

But it won’t be possible to counteract all the potential downsides.

We can’t require people to like or fall in love with people they find unattractive.

Teachers expect better performances from attractive students[10].I admit that I do care about personality but it's always a big bonus if the guy looks decent.From my dating experience, there were several times the guys I met complimented my personality or intelligence, but they also couldn't help mentioning that they liked how I looked etc.In the job market being attractive is advantageous.According to economist Daniel Hamermesh, an attractive man can earn, over a life time, 0,000 more than an unattractive one[1].

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