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Being flat on one side and foiled on the other, the waterflow travels over the rounded side of the fin at a higher velocity than it does across the flat, inside surface.

This creates a lower pressure and, thus, a bit of lift on the foiled side of the fin.

You can check your car’s health from your phone and detect issues before you hit the road. Connect to a certified mechanic for unbiased advice so you can be proactive about car issues and even save money.

See all features With so much that can go wrong on the road, know you can prepare for the unpredictable and get 24/‍7 roadside assistance sent to your exact location, even if you’re unsure of where you are.

This is classic fin hum, and you've just run into a hydrodynamic wall, similar to that of a subsonic aircraft trying to exceed the speed of sound.

This causes drag, of course, but also (combined with the outward-pulling pressure of the asymmetrical foil) a certain degree of torque or leverage that the gives the Thruster its characteristic bolt-out-of-the-blocks speed and snappy maneuverability.If your stereo or video system has a hum or buzz coming from the loudspeakers, there are several easy steps you can take to discover what the cause and cure will be.If you need a more extensive procedure, click here for the extended version.You can test for this by using an AC “cheater plug” that lifts the third wire ground from the AC receptacle.If this is the case, you can purchase a HUM X ground isolator that is safe and effective. It is not recommended to run your equipment ungrounded, for safety reasons.

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