How to deal with intimidating people

It is those who battle with themselves on a daily basis, constantly feeling alone, struggling with their inner demons. It is not making tapes before you kill yourself so they can finally understand what they did to you. They kill themselves because it seems like there is absolutely no other option.

Someone please explain how that happens because I don’t get it. A show shouldn’t make you want to be kind to people. Stop using a show to tell how much of a good person you are and start paying attention.

They recommend things like exposure, breathing exercises and cognitive behavioural therapy, and I impliment all of that stuff on my own already.

Plus I can't even afford a therapist I'm poor and live in the US. This anger is so bad it has caused me to quit jobs because I couldn't handle the emotional backlash from these feelings.

Anyone can tell you that their high school does not revolve around one specific girl. One guy publishes a poem she wrote anonymously and everyone knew she was the one to write it.

It seems as though nothing is ever going to get better.

You need to restructure your frame of mind so that the factors that influence your dysphoria are now factors that lead to confidence. and even when you do notice or feel passionate about something. And think a lot of people hold those thoughts to themselves.

This show fantasizes what people think suicide is about. Or someone who is intimidating like a hardened criminal or tough guy who insists he can beat you up.How can I thicken my skin to this kind of irrational behaviour?But I'm going to recommend the exact opposite.What kind of person are you going to be if you run away from the things that scare/intimidate you? but if you focus on something it’s only math that there are other things to be left unnoticed...

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