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The three characters snark at one another and flirt with one another often.Canonically, Wilson has gone on a date with Cuddy and taken her out twice as friends, and seemed at one point to be in the running to father her child.But, my answer will not answer why but might show you the journey.I’m watching season 7 again, so I have all the elements clear in my head.

And if all else fails, we just have to remember that House kissed back! They are intelligent, quick-witted, passionate and, perhaps most importantly, they carry quite the healthy respect for one another. They know where they stand in the world and aren't afraid to speak their minds.

Click in to see the battle, and then HOUSE & CAMERON by Tammy from Australia Despite the fact that Cameron was pushed to the background in season four (to the overwhelming dismay of her fans), the relationship between House and Cameron has always been there.

However, though many might say that it doesn't exist on a romantic level, their story has been told subtly, which makes their relationship unique.

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